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I don’t believe in You but I believe in Love

Curated by Paola Marugán

Balaguer Gallery # 12th April – 15th June # at Jugada a tres bandas

I don’t believe in You believe in Love is a group exhibition that explores the concept of the affective life, feelings and desires of subjects in contemporary society.

The exhibition provokes a reflection on how certain institutions (such as advertising, conventional science, the pharmaceutical industry and market forces) have colonised our most intimate selves; the ability to love. They inscribe our feelings, our behaviour in relationships, how we transform our bodies to eroticise them, thus becoming sexually ‘successful’ …”the tyranny of well-working” as Tiquun asserts.

The title, I don’t believe in love but I believe in you is inspired by Tracey Emin’s pun in her work of this title, and sums up this exhibition’s aim. In the play of these words, it concerns on the one hand, a critical review of the different modes of loving in today’s ‘cool capitalism’, and on the other, calls upon the potential to liberate the subject by undoing the close bond between emotional and environmental economies.

I don’t believe in You but I believe in Love combines mixed-media artworks installed in the gallery space, with performances taking place in programmed events over the full period of the exhibition.

ARTISTS: Sarah Minter, Lucia King, MarioKissme & Rafa Marcos (as Equipo Palomar) Christina Schultz, Pedro Torres, José-Pablo Jofré & Mario Peña y Lillo, Héctor Francesch, Cristian Forte, A Ca la Pa-Ka, Maria Cosmes and Marc Martínez.

Further information:

Paola Marugán

Galeria Balaguer

Jugada a 3 bandas