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Mariokissme needs your help!

Dear friend!

I am involved in a project that has no institutional support this year. So it has decided to be supported by Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a simple but powerful way to finance projects collectively. Please Click here

This Contribution is made for everyone, it can suit all budgets. I invite you to actively participate being my Patron. You can be an active contributor by giving as from 5 € to 60 € maximum. I will be so please that with all your financial help “Believe Bieber ” project will be created. It is simple to give found , you only need to register and choose the amount of your donation ( gift will be given depending of the subscription , this is explained on the right side of the web page). If you also want to support other projects, you are more than welcome.

Please remember that you have only 29 days as from now to show your support. Your support will stimulate others.

May be the first time and hope not the last one to be a Patron.

Help me here

Thank you so much !

More information about Liminal GR

Special thnaks for Liminal GR team (Pilar, Marc y Marta)