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The pinks

Exhibited in Proyecto género 2. Barcelona / Berlin 2008

The Pinks is one of my first works. It summarizes a series of questions in an individual level on my “I” (sexual). In my work, one of the most important things was to define myself – in a systematic level – as a sexual being inside this society. In later
works, this notion becomes universal, but I thought it was interesting knowing where my ideas came from. For me as a fact of self-analysis. The Pinks is a kind of subjective tribute to all homosexual people who were imprisoned or killed during some war. This also helped to step forward and cross the rail, as you will be able to see, disqualifying myself from any sexual tendency on earth. But it was convenient to study this fact from the context were I was.

At that time, Berlin had just inaugurated the first homosexual monument of politic-institutional disposition at a European level in memorial to gay victims of the Holocaust. The most representative example is Sachsenhausen, the concentration camp of Hitler’s Nazi dictatorship. It is estimated about 15.000 homosexual people were confined because they didn’t fulfil the Aryan ideal. Most of them died.

Reviewing from current time and after four years away from the project, Barcelona today has its own memorial.

I think if the system should categorize me during war times, I’m sure I’d be a gay man for it. Despite, I don’t agree with that label, I think there were many executed men just because they were like me. But if we go deeper, I think it would be appropriate to wonder about the type of sexual man to an individual level, his aesthetics, the physical shape of his body and mentality.

The recovery of the feminine and masculine beginning favours a new human integrity at transcending distortions in woman-man relationship and going beyond the biological belonging sex. It means liberation, not only for humans but also for nature and cultures alien to the control and power axis. This means to make them equal to cultural weak, fragile and feminine things.

The work was divided in various actions around these concepts. Diverse videos, studio photos and photo-document. As an exposition in a room with objects and performance.