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The most revolutionary thing today is to be chaste or have a frustrated sexual life

Exhibition by Palomar Team (Mariokissme + R. Marcos Mota).

Under this suspicious title, taken verbatim from an interview with Rafael Reig, the “Palomar Team” hosted the content to be displayed on our project during the first month of action. According to Reig, we live a very conservative time, which promotes an illusion of freedom and customs resulting in consumption of sexuality. Put another way: if you’re not sexually active, you are a loser. Today it seems that the cult of success has come up to this matter. Meanwhile, things that could give you inner freedom, such as literature, art, knowledge, or anything that requires an effort have become a burden.

The social mechanisms have diverted the fear of freedom through sexuality pedagogy, a pedagogy that extends from pornography to all social relations. So from El Palomar we speak against “pure teaching”. That is, a teaching of the sexual which guarantees patriarchy. What used to be undisciplined rebel art, able to produce discomfort, is nowadays more and more settled. Analysing the concept of “pure teaching” from sexuality, we can say that the hypermasculinity –which is set when theagents of hegemonic masculinity feel threatened (“You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terror”, requiring an inflation and hyperbole of the features of conventional masculinity– has embedded femininity in an economy where sex is an object of symbolic exchange.

Such reasons justify our attempt to think as a body from the borderlines, not only to challenge certain regimes of power, but to set in motion new ways of being in the world, new affections, inside, outside and on the borderlines of the known action frameworks. That is why we believe that “The most revolutionary thing today is to be chaste or have a frustrated sex life” and such life can only be lived by someone who courageously wants to live it in a religious sense; or, on the contrary as in our case, an involuntary exercise of friction. Friction of abject bodies, because a market of sex, is not “pure teaching”.