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La llamada: ¡Oh Jóvenes!

Project for Terrassa Arts Visuals, EspaiDos 2010.
Commissioner in “La Gran Sacudida” cycle by Aimar Arriola.

The project “La llamada: ¡Oh Jóvenes!” (The calling: Oh young people!) works as the kaleidoscopic logic: diverse shapes, actions and semiautonomous records intersect and gather as in the tetrahedral vision of a Kaleidoscope, producing new shapes and meanings. It seeks to be a shout of anger and commotion produced by the intrinsic factors of the society nowadays.

The devise-exposition presented in EspaiDios of Sala Muncunill, Terrassa, integrates and relation various elements: A neon wall sculpture, a documentary video about workers of lime in Andalucía, intervened with a new original material, and the photographic record of an unannounced action held in public spaces in the city. Here performing as a DJ on a podium pyramid. I played a vinyl with a chauvinistic speech in the A side, and a message inspired by the so-called Galactic Federation President’s intervention in an American broadcasting station by 1977 in the B side.

The second part of the performance was Ensayo-espacio-musical (Rehearsal-space-musical); this is within the same device-exposition, in which diverse DJ’s discs playing vinyls of their own and a piano, helped me for the musical exploration as a universal language and practice.