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Invited-one-day 05

Project for Homesession, Barcelona 2010

I was invited by Homesession Homesession to participate in Invited-One-Day Program. Taking advantage of this invitation, I wanted to test the quality of their spaces and definition related to the audience. For this, I proposed to modify the program trying to replace the current location of the project for my house, considering the similarities, especially regarding the hybrid atmosphere and domesticity shown in these spaces. A lot of stories I could tell, moving the location to a territory where my personal experiences come from, this involves a dialectical movement similar to the structure of my work: it’s about unindividualizing the program (neutralizing the personal content, the private nature) and I start owning all of it, and the memory and travel experiences from daily life are essential.

That’s how I owned Invited-One-Day with my name on my space and under my rules. In the same way that gives the shape to my work pieces, symbols and landscapes with the power of my character. The project was born to create a solo exhibit with a language and format closer to an art gallery than a daily life space. The set up is made, again, in an oscillation between the desire and discomfort which generates the museum environment. The objectified language of the exhibit adopts an overflow subjective stance, involving the viewer in a polyhedral projection of Mariokissme. The Id becomes then a dissident attitude. Dissident is also willing to challenge the identity, it means to put it against the unstoppable movement of Id. As R.Barthes said: “It’s the Id which never matches the image since the image is heavy, motionless, stubborn. Therefore, the society depends on it, and it’s the Id which is light, divided, dispersed”. With a bombing of self-representations, predictive, naked or covered with a mask, I play with the limitations of the images as well as the processes of identification. I go beyond the cliché (the image made product.) The set up designed for Invited-One-Day project, has rough pop flashes and refuses to be a fixed exhibition; it is destined to change every time the subject changes…