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Performance carried out at the CULTURAL happening Opening Party of Fabra i Coats factory.

On a wall inside the factory also outside the new Fabra i Coats Art Centre, sharing the same building, I hung two graphic representations: one portraying a symbol of the Spanish Franco dictatorship (The yoke and the arrows). The other one containing some phrases taken word by word from an article that appeared on la Vanguardia newspaper on 08/02/2012. Where the president of the Visual Artists Association from Cataluña (AAVC), Joan Fontcuberta, rejected the cancellation of the Canòdrom project as centre of contemporary art, choosing Fabra i Coats instead. This debate has first appeared in Barcelona not so long ago.

The audience played an important role regarding the work. They could take a copy of each of the images home. Each of the pictures was reproduced 100 times.

The second step required the audience to decide whether they wanted the Franco symbol and the phrases to disappear. The printing was made with scratch off ink, very typical in Scratch and Win games.

It is worth saying that since the Historical Memory Act was passed in 2007, establishing that the symbols of dictatorship must be removed from buildings and public areas, we have seen very paradoxical cases regarding this law. From the moment the invitation to be part of the inauguration to its execution, I read several articles on the press contradicting the law I mention.