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El artista japonés

Said piece was part of the project A*table. An exhibition proposal by the members of A*study, a program of advanced studies of contemporary art, organized by A*desk and tutored by David Armengol.

Through the Japanese artist I intend to express the splitting of the artist’s figure. Appropriating the work of a Japanese artist from the 70s had allowed me, on the one hand to reactivate a set of works that did not obtain the visibility it deserved; on the other hand, it highlights common themes, such as visions of chaos and predictions of an uncertain future. For this purpose I used a book by this artist, edited in 1979, with a print run of 2000 copies. It was the only way to approach the work of Tsunehisa Kimura, which is hard to access and rare to find. The piece was formalized on a table. I turned the book into an object-relic. It could be viewed through a lighted glass display case, but it could not be touched. On the opposite side, one could consult all digitalized contents. The link between these two elements is completed by means of a silk screen of the only non-manipulated photo on the book. Two characters appear in the picture. One is shown and the other one lets himself be shown. A double game in which I took part. Who was showing whom? The Japanese artist was showing me or vice versa?