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Earthly Family

Barcelona / Málaga 2009.

From my hometown I try to make a criticism based on the incorrect informative and pedagogic politics of art. In this way, I try to find myself and locate the work I do. Returning to my origins is the only possible way out to find answers I had been wondering from my very art beginnings. Who am I? What am I doing here? Where do I want to go to?

Here is where the inflexion point starts, which I’ll try to cover with my upcoming works.

Categorizing myself within my birth place has given me the chance to escape creatively and consciously into other unknown places. There, I can find the answers. From this moment on, the universe helps me to identify myself, connected to the purest and true essence of all things: energy.

The material work of Earthy Family makes possible to understand its universal nature. Other civilizations became possible when I thought of my own one. Sexual shapes lead to the asexual ones, which could be sorted as systemic exercise; “post-gender”.

This work consists of one atypical family picture and two videos. One of them records the motion picture; each family takes part externalizing their daily nature. In the other one, I get into a cave. From the end of it, there is a voice calling my name. After getting completely undressed, I try to distinguish a new future based on laws ruled by a clear message I had already been elaborating. LOVE is the most accepted word inside my universe. To step into infinity is painful. It is to find yourself, to place yourself away from what we know or see. To understand other shapes, distinctive of other planets and non-human beings.